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Automation USA retires and open-sources RC2FM Connector, its RingCentral® Integration for the Claris FileMaker platform.

Effective May 31st, 2024 RC2FM Connector, the RingCentral Office® REST API for Claris FileMaker custom apps, will be permanently retired and open-sourced.


MIAMI, May 1st, 2024 – nearly eight (8) years after the release of RC2FM Connector, its bolt-on RingCentral® to FileMaker® Connector, Automation USA, LLC announces the permanent retirement and open-sourcing of its RC2FM Cloud telephony integration service effective May 31st, 2024.


Designed for the Claris FileMaker platform and introduced to assist  FileMaker developers transition into the Cloud age, RC2FM Connector integration, infused FileMaker custom apps with the power of RingCentral VoIP, Fax, and Business MMS services. RC2FM has delivered powerful IP business communications functionality on a 100% cloud REST-API integration requiring no 3rd party FileMaker plugins, no FileMaker Custom Web Publishing code (php), no separate FileMaker connector files, and no complex system configurations.


Powered by a state-of-the-art solution infrastructure architected on AWS, RC2FM Connector has offered nearly eight years of high-volume, incident-free, world-wide operation, supporting the entire Claris FileMaker platform (FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect) with ease of use, security, and scalability. That service will come to an end May 31st, 2024.


Why now?

First, FileMaker is fully in the cloud. 

Over the last eight years, the FileMaker platform has significantly evolved and expanded its product line to include cloud services such as Claris Connect, Claris FileMaker Cloud, and Claris Studio. Automation USA LLC recognizes that our RC2FM offering has fulfilled its mission of assisting FileMaker developers transition into adopting modern cloud services and architectures, and Claris has the tools available for developers to continue their journey into the Future of IT. 


Second, the cloud now demands greater security. 

Technical requirements around RingCentral® user authentication are imposing a higher threshold of security than can easily be delivered using native FileMaker cURL and script commands. Effective May 31st, 2024 RingCentral® API apps using Password Flow, commonly known as “password-based auth”, will be DISCONTINUED and will no longer function. Automation USA LLC has opted not to continue to develop RC2FM connector to adopt more complex user login flows.


What now?

First, RC2FM still works and is now 100% free

Effective last month, we have suspended all subscription fees for all existing customers. New subscriptions are no longer offered on our web store, however all existing subscribers can keep using the service free of charge thru May 31st, 2024. All annual subscriptions extending past May 31st, 2024 will also receive a pro-rated refund.


Second, we are open sourcing RC2FM!

We have ported all of the RC2FM Connector functionality into 100% native FileMaker code.  Effective today, we are making our RingCentral™ API integration available on GitHub as open source for all FileMaker users. All you require is a RingCentral® subscription, a free RingCentral® developer account, and your own RingCentral integration app. Please note that our open source code only supports JWT authentication flow.


Third, you are not abandoned

There are entire developer communities to help you on either side of the FileMaker and RingCentral equation, with plenty of resources at your disposal. Automation USA LLC will contribute additional tips and source code as time allows.


Last but not least

To all subscribers, partners, and fellow developers, thank you for your support and for letting us be a part of the solution.


About Automation USA LLC

Founded in 2006, Automation USA LLC is a Miami-based IT Consulting firm specializing in providing powerful, enterprise-grade Information Technology to Small-to-Mid-Size Businesses for a fraction of the cost.


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