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2-way Business MMS

We're taking our SMS integration to another level

With this new release, we're making it possible for FileMaker applications to send and receive multi-media messages to/from MMS enabled smartphones, tablets, and many other MMS-capable endpoints.* 

Offering support for over a dozen media files types for outbound messages, and close to twenty media types for inbound, the new MMS feature brings an unprecedented level of communications capability to the FileMaker platform. Integrating RingCentral's Cloud communications services into your FileMaker custom apps has never made more sense, or been this cool.

FileMaker demo file RC2FM RingCentral MMS Chat user interface
RC2FM Connector OAuth2 Authorization screen

We've made service activation much easier by making it self-service. RC2FM now leverages OAuth2 authorization to securely activate your subscription.


Activation no longer requires that you provide us with your RingCentral account ID. Instead, now you simply click on a link and follow a two step process to authorize our app to access your RingCentral account.


When you purchase an RC2FM subscription, both the online checkout screen and the order confirmation email will contain an "Authorize" button. That button is your ticket to getting up and running with your FileMaker integration in no time.

Company-wide "Pro" Call Reporting

For site-licensed subscribers (5-users or more), we are introducing a value-added feature: account level call reporting. We're calling it "Call Log Pro", and it offers reporting and archiving of call activity and call recordings for every extension in your business.


If you need to combine and analyze data in your FileMaker CRM or other custom application with call reports from your RingCentral PBX, then this feature is for you.

Download our Contacts app for iOS

Our new iOS app is the easiest way to use RC2FM free for life. 

Now when you authorize RC2FM from within our new iOS app,

you get free lifetime use of our RC2FM Connector for a single user

RC2FM Contacts for iOS is a simple to use business contact manager designed to work together with your RingCentral telephone extension.

If you are a RingCentral or AT& Office@Hand subscriber, this contact manager app allows you to use our RC2FM Connector integration free of charge for one user extension. Install this app on every iOS device you own and run it on up to three (3) separate devices at the same time. 

RC2FM Contacts app on the iOS App Store

Self-service subscription activation

Feature 2
Feature 3
iOS App

Welcome Telus subscribers!

In June 2018, RC2FM Connector was enabled to support TELUS Business Connect subscribers. We're excited by the opportunity to continue to service an ever increasing portion of the RingCentral customer base with our FileMaker integration.


If you are a Telus Connect customer, now you too can integrate with Claris FileMaker.

Welcome AT&T subscribers!

On May 31st 2017, RC2FM Connector was approved and enabled to support RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T subscribers. We're very excited by the opportunity to service an even larger portion of the RingCentral customer base with our FileMaker integration.


Whether you're an AT&T customer or a RingCentral customer, if you are using the Ringcentral platform, you can integrate with Claris FileMaker.

Feature 4
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